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A one-stop back-to-school shop, School Depot offers packaged school supplies in Sugar Land, Texas. Take advantage of our package plan by following five easy steps.

1. School Supply List

Send us the next year's school supply list for each grade level as soon as possible. Grade level plus the description and amount of each item required should appear on each list.

2. Approving the Grade Level Package

After receiving the list, we prepare a computerized printout for each grade level. Review each printout for accuracy as this is the basis for your entire order. If you find an error or wish to make a change, we can update the copy. Once the printout is approved, it becomes your school's official list.

3. Deciding on a Plan

Choose between the bulk or package plan. Sales tax is not included in the costs for either. You may purchase in bulk and package the items yourself or ask us to do the packaging.

4. Amount to Order

For bulk orders, we figure how many products you need for the number of packages you will make free of charge. For first-time buyers, we encourage you to take orders from parents to know how many packages you need. The key to your school's success is to promote the Back-to-School program to parents.

5. Payment

Payment is due on or before September 1. No delivery charge applies when payment terms are met. All orders in the greater Houston area are shipped from our Houston distribution center. We ship orders outside of the area via freight line. Supplies are delivered no later or even earlier than the date you require. A location, like a classroom or cafeteria, must be determined be-fore school lets out. Seek approval from the principal if necessary and notify office staff of the selected location.

Bulk Purchasing Details

Made for schools that do the prepackaging themselves, this involves parent volunteers packaging the supplies to get the lowest cost. The school sets the sales price, and collects and pays tax on all sales.

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